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Even as a child, I felt an insatiable longing for scenes of nature. I immersed myself in animal documentaries, read scientific journals, and explored nearby trails with my horse and dog. In my teenage years, I began to take a camera along on my adventures. This beginning evolved into a lifelong passion and laid the foundation for numerous projects.

At that time, I couldn't yet fathom the path my passion would eventually take. My images mark the first step towards a new picture, a new series, and a wellspring of inspiration. Sometimes, the vastness captivates me, while at other times, it's the proximity. It's the interplay of light or the allure of darkness, causing things to become barely recognizable, where texture takes precedence. In these moments, I dive into a world where there are no clear directions from top to bottom – a world that captivates and envelops me in which I lose myself.

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