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In Santa Fe, I had the opportunity to photograph dishes and products for the Chocolate Maven website. During this experience, I learned the art of precision and recognized the significance of placement and the importance of fine details. At the same time, my creativity blossomed in working with hot and cold foods, arranging them in a way that would showcase them optimally in the light of photography.

A great example is the design of the hot chocolate. To achieve the perfect visual effect, I employed a trick: a cup with ice cubes topped with cream. This setup creates the impression of a delicious hot chocolate while also allowing ample time for photography without the cream melting.

This experience taught me to think like a true food stylist. Every element – whether it's the positioning, the interplay of temperatures, or the clever use of props – contributes to bringing the visual narrative of the dishes to life. These insights shaped my approach to food photography and contributed to the development of my skills as a photographer.

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