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The girl with the green hair




September 2023



In my creative journey, I'm perpetually seeking new techniques and styles. I find that doing the same things repeatedly can become monotonous. What truly drives me is the thrill of learning and venturing beyond my comfort zone. This unassuming project was designed to serve as my wellspring of motivation, a constant reminder to keep pushing myself.

I thrive on embracing change and challenges. This project reflects my relentless pursuit of creative growth. It stands as a testament to my commitment to exploring uncharted artistic territories and fully embracing the challenges they bring. In the world of art, complacency stifles progress, and this project was my way of breaking free from the shackles of familiarity.

Diversity is my source of motivation. By actively diversifying my creative techniques and styles, I discovered the inspiration to persistently challenge myself. Each new venture, whether it involved experimenting with different mediums, exploring unique color palettes, or delving into fresh subject matter, injected new life into my artistic journey.

Above all, this project is a celebration of the learning process itself. It's not just about the final product; it's about appreciating the challenges, learning from mistakes, and embracing the evolution that accompanies each experiment. It serves as a reminder that art's beauty lies not only in the destination but in the ever-evolving path we travel.

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