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Hello, I'm Lila,

I learned to appreciate the details required for a beautiful food presentation while working in the kitchen of a hotel restaurant in Hamburg, which earned its second Michelin star during my time there. I also successfully completed my degree in hotel management. I quickly understood that ambiance, context, creativity, and aesthetics are just as important as ingredients and preparation.

During my 5 years in Santa Fe, NM, I obtained a degree in Fine Arts, allowing me to bring to paper what I visualized in my mind. I also thoroughly enjoyed every aspect of my Bachelor's degree in Multimedia Design.

I take joy in creating art that brings happiness. From personalized greeting cards for special life moments to contributing to various transformative projects, capturing moments through photography, and exploring the realm of well-being cards, I immerse myself in the minutiae. This is in line with my inner child, and it's even more beautiful to share these creations with others who can then use them to help others.

I enjoy varying my techniques, from watercolors to multimedia design or combining them. Life presents an array of wonderful challenges that make it more vibrant. One of my greatest dreams is to illustrate children's books, both my own and those of others. For me, life is about savoring every color available to create our own desired world.

I cherish the opportunity to make a difference through my creative journey.

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